20 Feb

Shipping cars to the west coast is an extremely popular activity among people who travel regularly between various parts of the US. In fact, there are many car transport services that can be hired, whether by individuals or companies. These transport services employ well trained, experienced drivers, as well as sophisticated vehicle loading equipment. All of these contribute to the safety and convenience that are a part and parcel of car shipping. This article intends to provide an introduction to the world of auto shipping and the various options available to car owners to transport their cars on a daily basis.

Perhaps the most common form of car shipping is to hire one of the large number of large transport trucks that are in the business of ferrying vehicles from points within the country to points west. At some point, all of these trucks will have been involved in some sort of accident, so they may not be in perfect condition when the pickup arrives. In addition, the drivers of the trucks may not be familiar with the highways and side roads that lead up to the departure point, so the pickup will be delayed. Freight shipping companies that offer this service have modern, high tech loading equipment and drivers who know the country roads like the back of their hand. The freight company will also only pick the most reliable vehicles on the day of the pickup, so if your vehicle has been damaged in some way, it may not even be eligible for the shipment. Contact this company to get a fair auto transport quote now!

For those looking for a more convenient means of car shipping, there are options available. Some auto transport service providers offer enclosed trailers that can be attached to the rear of a pickup truck for the transportation of larger vehicles, such as sedans and SUV's. An enclosed trailer costs more than an open trailer, but the enclosed option provides better safety features, as well as greater protection against weather-related issues. Enclosed trailers can also provide better fuel economy, as well as more space, for longer distance trips. If you are interested in this option, click here to contact your auto transport service provider to discuss your options.

However, there are also other means of car shipping that do not involve the use of an enclosed trailer. One popular way to transport large automobiles is to utilize a U-hauled truck. These U-hauled trucks are specifically designed for transporting large vehicles, such as sport-utility vehicles and cars. U-hauled trucks are available in many different styles, but generally include a bed with a hydraulic lifting system to assist in the transportation of larger vehicles. U-hauled U-Haul trucks are able to accommodate up to 9 passengers, although the maximum load varies by model.

Another type of auto transport is called open transport. Open carriers often utilize closed trailers to help protect the vehicle during shipment. When an open carrier uses a standard trailer, the open trailer is exposed to weather and road conditions. This can create issues with the interior of the auto, as certain fabrics and vinyl materials can be damaged when exposed to these elements. In addition, open trailers may not provide adequate cargo space to safely load larger vehicles.

Before choosing an auto transport quote, it is important to research each carrier to determine which method of transportation will be best for your vehicle. If you have specific needs, such as enclosed auto transport coverage, it is important to select a carrier that provides this type of coverage. Asking questions about what types of services each carrier offers before contacting them is also a wise move. Carriers can offer information regarding both standard and specialty trailers, enclosed trailers, closed trailers, etc. By consulting with a brokerage, or contacting a company directly, you can receive a variety of answers to your questions and compare prices and types of services before making a final decision on which carrier will provide you with the best auto transport quote.

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