20 Feb

The first question to answer when we talk about car shipping is what type of vehicle we are talking about. In this case, it will be an SUV or sedan. In the shipping industry, all automobiles have to be shipped in trailers to ensure their safe delivery. So, if you want your car to reach its destination safely, all you need to do is get an efficient car shipping company that has tie-ups with reputed shipping companies. There are quite a number of them around and here is how to find them.

Online directory The best way to find car shipping carriers is to browse through an online auto transport directory and look for a terminal-to-terminal auto transport supplier. These directories have information on more than just transportation carriers and agents. It also provides reviews on these carriers and their services, so that you can choose the one that suits your needs best. Moreover, some directories have the facility to search for a particular model and make of car, so that you can get a better idea on the kind of service offered by a particular company. This helps you save money and time and choose the best carrier, who offers you the best and most cost effective services.

Internet Carriers One of the easiest ways to find suitable vehicle carriers for your overseas transport needs is to log on to the internet. Once you have made up your mind on the kind of carrier you want, you can book it online. All you need to do is supply the details of your vehicle's shape and size, along with your address and destination. You can then get in touch with the transport company, and they will advise you on the best mode of transport that would suit your vehicle's unique needs, learn more on this homepage.

Specialty auto transport enclosed trailers and mobile homes are some of the commonly used forms of vehicle transport nowadays. However, these types of vehicle carriers are cost-effective only if the cargo is of a standard size and weight. Most of the time, specialized auto shippers provide the cheapest price for cars and other heavy vehicles. In this era of recession where every dollar counts, every penny saves is of great significance.

Car Shipping & Auto Transport Insurance Another thing that holds back the smooth moving of your cargo is an ineffective or non-existent insurance policy covering the international car transport. A lot of companies offering auto transportation services do not provide coverage for auto transport when the vehicle is being transported as freight. As a result, there is a need for you to purchase special auto insurance policy covering the international car transport. This insurance policy generally provides coverage for damage or loss to the vehicle due to theft, natural calamities, fire & explosion, rioting etc. Furthermore, the premium payable for such an auto transportation insurance policy is much lower than the cost of renting the freight container or trailer for shipping your goods.

An Insurance Broker Working For You Brokers play an important role in providing you the easiest ways to get the best quotes for your international motor transportation needs. Besides helping you compare quotes offered by different transporters, they also provide assistance in the process of booking the shipment. Further, some even assist you in opting for the best cargo insurance coverage offered by various motor carriers. Thus, when selecting a transporter, make sure you approach a reputed one backed by a strong network of insurance agents.

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